Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Researching XC and Vol Biv Paragliding Opportunities in New Zealand

The source of this information is what I've gathered from the internet.  Prepping for a planned Vol Trip in January 2016 with Rob Reynolds.

The Goal:
Find the locations with the best cross country and vol biv potential in February 2014.  Carry the minimum gear and supplies req'd for a few days in the alpine.  Looking for routes where I can land high to minimize hiking given that I'll be carrying close to 20kg.  I'll try to utilize the mountain huts where possible and tramping paths.  I don't know what's possible, but flying/hiking 30-80km daily from hut to hut would be ideal, but hopefully not unrealistic.

HP & PG Clubs
South Island Paragliding Clubs
Rules and Regulations

Hiking Trails, Huts, Map & Track Info

On-line XC Results - Leonardo and XContest

XC Overview

On the South Island it appears that 3 areas have the most frequent XC.

  1. Nelson in the North
  2. Canterbury more Central
  3. Otago in the South (Wanaka), 


From Thermal.kk7.ch Otago region appears to have the most flights west of Lake Wanaka

Nelson                             Canterbury


Earth Wind Map
Weather Stations